Those genealogy notes

Like Jonah, I felt unworthy and unequipped for the task at hand.

When I tried to run, it was futile, I stumbled.
And I was overcome, I tried to hide only to be found.

“What the Lord decreed can’t be undone,” the Elders reminded me.

It was if the Almighty said:

“You haughty man of hard heart.

Let me show you the greatness in your family and how all of your “giants” were serving me and when you receive that… then you will see. I’ll give you a gift… an implement to find the others.”

When it was proven to be true.

I bent that knee.

That is why I tell the stories of the Glorious Ones, those marvelous souls who comprise my Family 🌳

I learned that I couldn’t run from the Ancestors because God was guiding our steps.
Love is energy, it can neither created or destroyed, it can only change form, often in the form of family.

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