A reading of the Wages of Reflection and a question

Now, I don’t own the rights to the music, but I own the prose. I read this piece that I penned in 2021 over a track entitled “A new Joy” by the late Jazz legend Roy Hargrove. That said, ask yourself that inconvenient question and if necessary, take appropriate action.

A reading of the 2021 piece “Wages of Reflection”

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  1. elvagreen123 says:

    I like this. Probably because lately I have been perusing youtube for articles on Philosophy, and what I choose to call The Creator. To help me get a better handle on my own beliefs. Like my father, Eddie, I am an optimist, even as I know Life sucks at some points. Like my mom,, Norma I am a strong, resilient woman. My brother says I am “honest to a fault.” I do not agree with the to a fault part. There is no fault in honesty. I’ve come to believe that Philosophy is just opinion. I am drawn to Schopenhauer, though. (I love his hair style). I read him over and over. I am writing a third book on the TV sitcom “Maude”. Bea Arthur, the actor who portrays Maude, reminds me a lot of myself. She really was a complex woman who was very good at her craft. Truth for me is that Life is in charge and death is the Truth Absolute. My reflection shows me a person who cares but also a person who has to continually strive to be OK with life. Your picture of the bending road just reminded me of the road in Ambrose Bierce’s “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” – I won’t tell you what happened at the end of this road in case you have not seen it. Rod Serling used it in one of his “Twilight Zone” episodes. Thanks for much for posting, I like stuff that makes me think about who I really am.

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    1. My dear sister, I thank you for your kind words and thought process. I am equally parts humbled and honored that this echoed for you!

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  2. Nikki says:

    Oh wow. The depth in those 42 seconds! It’s like jumping off the high board into the ocean!

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    1. Gratitude and appreciation!

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