Not to fold

leaving the throne…
with heavy hearts
and a myriad of paths

left for the broken
to wander

in the storms of tears

that wash feet

in the forests

of hung heads

tilted crowns…

where we are so bold or naive

to ignore the

mournful sounds –

wailing from the confines of soul

longing to be whole

from the abyss

of wondering.


Will we endeavor
not to fold

when love is energy
energy is love
that which cannot be destroyed
can only change form

the majesty of our audacity

to persist –

refusing to relent
as we sidestep the fallacies
of defeat

as the glory bestowed

rings true

burning brightly –

never to be extinguished.

On crumbled paths is where our faith is restored.

Copyright © 2022 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved.


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