That double face of Facebook

Over the course of the past year and most recently this morning, I’ve had my account restricted for… violence.

Violating guidelines on it… seriously? A cursory view of my posts tell a different story.

As I recall the vile acts of racist commentary, imagery and etcera that I have come across and has been directed towards me over the years and they’ve done nothing about it… makes the suspension, laughable at best.

The realm of social media is a double edged sword and one that my Father despised, because he presciently observed: “Everyone don’t need a microphone” he cautioned me not to be on there “being no ass” but to show people how to do something, I didn’t know what he meant at the time, but the mandate was crystal clear.

These algorithms of disaffection reign supreme on the assorted platforms of social media.

I have taken note of the methodologies of Facebook and how content that is free from rancor and controversy is not prioritized.

I am of the humble opinion… that if you are spreading a message of positivity or intellect… you need not apply here.

A cursory look at my posts are a mix of genealogy, narratives, photography, poetry, cooking and reflection… the omnipresent journey to be better than the previous day and I am known for a quote or two.

I remember have my account suspended on another occasion because of a dialgoue between my cousin and I… for the following playful exchange:

“Lol… oh cousin, we’re going to fight now.”

Our subsequent thread of laughter and joking… as we are predisposed to doing, was interrupted with me being blocked for violence, we tried to explain the dynamic of African American colloquiums to no avail, remained suspended. Now for context, I recall an instance where I and others the body of dead woman being posted via video and Facebook’s response was:

“This doesn’t violate our community standards”

All that to say.

Facebook if your issue is that I don’t post enough fight videos or recycle the negativity in the news cycles… then just say that, don’t make up bullshit in an effort to silence those who won’t conform to being part of the problem rather than the solution. What is your standard?

These platforms like… you Facebook. You do a cruel disservice to writers, authors and content creators and to the community as a whole, we can’t use art to inform others because the souls editing and overseeing our dialogue, don’t read and are unable to discern the art of language and metaphor.

If we choose to provide cover for science deniers, racist demagoguery and unadulterated foolishness, our society will continue to reap what we are sowing.

Facebook… it seems you are who you say you are.

I see the type of speech that you want to propagate, point taken.

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  1. Facebook has become insufferable.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A grand understatement indeed.


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