Those winding roots or prose for the Glorious Ones

Prose dedicated to my Family members, those souls who share the noble shoulders that hold me/us aloft... who reminded me of my power, when I doubted my wherewithal. Since becoming a genealogist, I've learned a lot about my myself, loyalty and the notions of purpose by way of finding my people through the stories that connect us.... as history repeats, especially in families.
Reflections on the path.

or roots to the
visions in the frequencies
of family which
allows me to see
the esteem
or the royalty
that ripples deep
the esoteric –
heavenly sort
God touched
made of
sterner… no glorious stuff.
Who decreed that
he would show
beauty in the confines
of those who
served him
by way of
me to be
in these winding
branches of

About 2.67% of the Glorious Ones.

Copyright © 2022 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved.


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