Perverted verses

When thoughts and prayers conflict with our mandates of following through on the convictions that we say are tightly held... pray tell when we pay lip service to the duty of our humanity? Can we pledge fealty to our religion(s) while abdicating our humanity? God ain't spoke that! This is prose... born of that.


I cried out and said I was hurt

they gave me a bible verse

I broke down
expounded bared
my spirit
but, they wouldn’t hear it

because they were…

giving me a bible verse,

I wanted a ear
or a cloth for
my tear
but nary
would appear

but, they gave me…
a bible verse.

Neglecting the one
that said
to treat others
how you want to be…


We turn a blind eye to
our humanity
when we can’t see
the we in us.

As we will all revert
to dust.


They don’t know
that bible verse.

Oh, I understand
cruelty and the duality
that hides behind papyrus,
as tears stain faces
amid feigned graces –
some marinated
in political considerations
illustrated by
faux piety
with calls of
whoa is me…
why not me?

those eyes can’t see
through grief or inadequacies
buffeting me.

Copyright © 2022 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved.

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