The shrouded

They call it wokeness
that which runs counter

to the weaponized brokeness
bereft of humanity

the opening of eyes
to that which was
denied to the downtrodden
imposed and desouled.

Sidestepping retorts

pull yourself
up by the
bootstraps crowd
preferring that
it be shrouded –

unGodly acts
cloud the wisdom
label it as beast
to which you won’t
lies surmised
espoused as truth
but rotten
to the root
the core
and so much more
that door they want
closed is apt

to be opened
and the guilty smote...

you call me woke
because these
knees won’t bend
to any man…
I was sent here
to be more than
an incidental
I refuse to
humor you

you resist being
beholden to
the chosen
their reward is
stored up
and laid claim to.

Copyright © 2023 All Rights Reserved.


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