On Episode 43 – Historical fiction by way of genealogy

On Episode 43 of the podcast: “As the Incense Burns” I take on historical fiction by way of the 183rd birthday of my 3rd Great Grandfather Church Tipton, who was born on Valentine’s Day in 1840.
Given that I have born witness to so much love by way of my genealogy efforts, it only makes sense that my esteemed Ancestor was born on a day that known for its deference to the notions of love.
In this piece from 2017, I have a reimagining of my 3rd Great Grandparents dynamic, I created this from what I could gleen from an old deposition in their own words, my imagination and from their noble countenances on a photo that has served as a heirloom throughout my family for generations, an image that seems to speak with the impeccable diction of love.
History is known to repeat… especially in families. Grab some popcorn, your favorite beverage and have a listen.

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