We got up

We don’t bend
none of them
we got up
and got in em’
dodging trauma responses
of glory the honor
in their veins
the stories that they
gave for me
to tell
so that
my people
my family
the Glorious Ones
so they
wouldn’t be slaves
to that same
stale talk


intellectual dishonesty
that cruel fallacy

these words I’ll merge
to combat that

or those fools
who peruse and
attack knowledge
as a cancer…

call it woke –

these dopes
they better hope
they can
cope with
this youngblood
of the first one
from Chicago

who told me to
kick down
the door and
give you these
push back
against suppostions
that we should
hang our head…
oh hell naw
run tell that…

this shiggitty is

A lot of our heroes
are reduced
to weirdoes and echoes
or shells of
who we thought them to be
somehow superseding humanity
only to find out
hardly not… at all.

The fall.

They say they love Jesus
but hate
everyone that he loves.

What governs you…
the few
and your scarcity of
the heart

that stuff you spew
don’t come from
where it come from?

It seems to be burdensome.

Committing spiritual malfeasance in
the name of Jesus.

Oh the reasons.

Qualifications in the
domain of cruelty
is what chose thee
the omnipresent ugliness
of inhumanity.

Those winding roots.

Copyright © 2023 ShunPwrites.com All Rights Reserved.


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