That dose of hypnosis

I surmise
and confess to
being hypnotized
by your eyes
thighs, skin,
your hand tracing mine
like a grand design –
as the wonders of
you have no end,
my imagination does
no justice

I confide that
my adoration
has metastasized
or spread
heart to head
soul to whole
my longing
for my betrothed,
smitten by the smattering
or scattering
dispersals of radiance
delegated from the
audience or countenance
of you.

Heart palpitations,
light headedness
in awe of glory
by way of
those tantric
sands shifting…

deep breaths ensued
to insure that
this ain’t
pretend, that longing for you.

Those baptismal waters

Copyright © 2023 All Rights Reserved.


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