The danger of the familiar

We are prisoners to it.

The familiar.

Be better, endeavor.

Move in purpose.

Stay in your lane

Do it, because it brings you joy and heals you up, not because it is familiar.

To do otherwise is an act of self hate.

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  1. Difference and, in a more scientific term, mutations are the cause of evolutions—great changes, but what keeps humans alive is familiar. Before math and science and cool tech gadgets, we didn’t know which fruits were good to eat or if even it was a fruit, but each time we tasted the bright and colorful fruits—red, yellow, purple—it tasted nice, sweet and appealing while these same fruits being green was disgusting. These colors are familiar to us. When someone’s appearance is familiar to us, that communicates to us that they are one of us and will most likely not attack us. Familiarity made us more at ease because we TRUST that it will be a certain way. Again, things being different or us putting a twist to the dull repetition is very important—but hey so is our trust in what is familiar to us.

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    1. An interesting take, thanks for the echo.

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      1. Of course! Thank you for writing!


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