How to be – An epiphany

Don’t stand by the wayside – watching from afar. Ugly is merely the opposite of beauty, as ugly is the absence of grace. When we are enveloped by it, often we stand awestruck, dumbfounded while indignation rises in our chest. Hatred, invective, ignorance and intolerance has a resiliency that grants it a sort of immortality.Continue reading “How to be – An epiphany”

Two words that shook my foundation

I’ve always been in awe of the Elders in my family.

Thoughts during the U.S Capitol shooting

Yesterday, I toured the Capitol with several family members from out of town. Despite my being a stone’s throw away from it the history that I often find myself awash in never gets boring. However, I could not have predicted how the day would unfold. Standing in the center of the Capitol dome. Instead ofContinue reading “Thoughts during the U.S Capitol shooting”

The recipe of our lessons

The greatest lessons procured are out of the ashes of humility. I am thankful for situations conceived in the confines of pain and disaffection that become instructive – as it is our trials and tribulations that peel away the proverbial layers of the onion. My recalcitrance has been worn away by the corrosive properties ofContinue reading “The recipe of our lessons”

The wholeness

Wasting entreaties on pieces of the puzzle – rather than tendering prayers to be made “whole” as God’s grace can’t be supported by “fractions”. Copyright © 2016 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved

The spirit told me…

This morning I sat on the edge of the bed and prattled off a laundry list of wants – Topping the list was: ■ $67.2 million dollars ■ A domicile in a tropical location I exhaled deeply and looked towards the ceiling. Making sure to direct my entreaties to the Almighty for acceptance, after aContinue reading “The spirit told me…”