Is Social media the new opiate?

I saw this quote from William Wilberforce and felt compelled to write it out – as it pulled me into a whirlpool of rumination.

Social media, a medium once seen as novelty – is now widely regarded a central element in the lives of people young and old.

We revolve around it.

It connects, informs and persuades.


It in the same breath.

It divides, antagonizes and euthanizes.


It makes us feel good, right?

It was on this point that I dug in – closing my eyes and pulling up a seat, I dug deep into the confines of my spirit to discern what that really meant.

And I came front and center with a radical concept…

Social media has the properties of an opiate.

Opioids produce a sense of well being or euphoria that can be addictive to some people.

Case in point.

We often bear witness to the proclamations of those who trumpet the siren song of living their best life.

Because it would seem.

That there is no glory in the vulnerability of the human spirit.

Nobody got time for that.

We choose to be numb to that which has the propensity to destroy us.


Because it is easier that way.

It leads others to wallow and in some cases to lust after a faux reality which very well may be light years from the truth.

Behind the bright eyes, smiles and poses – lies something far more complex.


Complexity ain’t sexy.

That’s fair, I get that.

But, if we are to be honest with ourselves, is everything that makes us feel good.

Good for us?

Is it?

Or are you looking away from the truth – hoping that you can feign ignorance?

Quiet is kept – vulnerability is the cousin of triumph.

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  1. Monique.Art for Pain Therapy says:

    “Nobody got time for that.” Yet, there’s time for all the cyberspace trash 🗑 they can handle. The menial and the trivial, the quantity not the quality. Thought 💭 provoking, truthful and entertaining and educational takes a backseat to fluff. “Like the matrix,” just a distraction technique and know one is aware of what’s really going on. Sorry, I went there. I Loved ❤️this post and you are exactly right. Monique

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