And the ugliness finds itself on TV – A follow up

A couple weeks ago I wrote about an incident at the University that my son attends. A quick recap – A couple months ago. Some students saw fit to drape a “confederate” flag on the outside of the door in the dormitory, claiming that it was an entreaty to the student population to engage them inContinue reading “And the ugliness finds itself on TV – A follow up”

In the midst of it all – An epiphany

In world where narratives that would endeavor to spoil the milk of human kindness seem to run rampant. Where a candidate for the highest office in the land can spew invective and procure a large following of people who hold up those words up as the proverbial gospel. Where young people in an institution ofContinue reading “In the midst of it all – An epiphany”

Wielding a shield – when hurt isn’t an option

“… just say you don’t care. That is easier to respect…”