Sammy the candidate hits the Talk Show circuit…


He rounded the corner and after going through the motions of acknowledging what seemed to be an adoring crowd; he turned and headed towards the couch, pausing to shake the hand of the host before taking a seat and for a brief moment he was taken aback by the look of unfiltered loathing on the face of the host, Justice Young which only made Sammy’s smile grow in intensity.

Justice had hosted the critically acclaimed Windy City Politicshour and she was at a crossroads, she found herself fathoming if what she doing was really worth it, especially considering that her program, with all of the newsworthiness and quality that it was lauded for still ran a distant 4th behind several Reality Tv shows. She saw in Sammy a charistmatic charlatan who had no business running for Congress, despite his being forthcoming about his true intent. It struck her as sinister, yet ingenious how he harnessed the political complacency of the voting public and exploited their addiction to Reality TV to fuel his improbable run for Congress, she was convinced that she had to stop this scam right here, right now; she was going to draw the proverbial line in the sand and expose him as a empty suit.

 “Let’s get to it Mr. Hustlemoore, it seems like you’ve got quite the following out here in the studio audience, frankly I’m surprised. Can you give us an idea of why you are really running, there is a lot dysfunction in Washington D.C., and I know that you would like to get there and make what we’ve been seeing a thing of the past.” She pursed her lips and found that it was taking every fiber of her being not to let the digust that she harbored for Sammy manifest itself in a vicious snarl.

Sammy felt the tension between him and Justice and he relished the challenge of persuading others over to his side of the fence, he figured that Justice would prove to be difficult to persuade at best, but undaunted he leaned towards her as he launched into his manifesto.

“Justice, I am running for Congress not out of obligation to serve my constituents, but out of a obligation to fulfill and long unrealized goal of being able to collect a six figure salary, amazing health benefits for my family in concert with doing as little work as possible. I also have a weakness for procuring free lunch, when I heard of the per diem that members of Congress are entitled to, it was this alone that caused me to get the gumption to toss my hat into the ring. That is the truth that powers many of our public servants and unlike them, I like to give it to the people straight no chaser. Why should I waste the time and energy of the American people by giving them a dog and pony show?”


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