Is empathy a relic of the past?

Empathy is a element that is missing in action.

Admitting that you are a “Hot Mess” is the first step

There are a number of things that I aspire to stay away from. Some of those things being red meat, poultry, religion (conversationally), comment boards and the arguments that they spawn in the blogosphere. I was on my little used Twitter account at the height of the Michael Sam kissing hullabaloo a couple weeks agoContinue reading “Admitting that you are a “Hot Mess” is the first step”

American Liberal & Conservative thought, that curiously symbiotic relationship

In my travels throughout the connected world via the Internet and the medium of social media, one of the things that often gives me pause is the invective spewed by people on comment boards. I’ve mentioned previously that I feel that anonymity of the Internet provides people with a layer of courage that would otherwiseContinue reading “American Liberal & Conservative thought, that curiously symbiotic relationship”

How similar are American politics and professional wrestling?

I have always harbored a fascination for American politics, an interest which borders on passion. As a child I was fixated on the accomplishments of the Presidential administrations, by the time that I was 7 years old I was able to name all of the Presidents in their order of succession, the biggest accomplishment duringContinue reading “How similar are American politics and professional wrestling?”