Healing: Pulling Sanity from the jaws of insanity

The issues that weighed and pulled on my sanity on a daily basis melted away shortly after my arrival in the Hawaiian islands.

A smile, one that was truly organic crept across my face, seemingly taking up permanent residence. It became apparent a couple days into my visit that Hawaii is the most beautiful place that I have had the privilege of visiting on the planet.Image



At the midway point of my visit I realize that I don’t vacation nearly as much as I should, and this is something that has inordinately contributed to my stress load and my inability to my focus my energies towards doing what it is that I am supposed to do on this planet, versus doing I do for a living.

Both of these things are mutually exclusive, but the epiphany that my dance with the island  provided me with is that we often take ourselves too seriously, often to the point that our sanity is compromised and when our sanity is compromised we can find ourselves in a rut.

Sometimes a rut can last a couple of days, weeks, months, years and if left unchecked it can metastasize and last a lifetime, poisoning our relationships, interactions and often causing irreparable damage to the unspoken promise that we make to ourselves of leaving a legacy; something that denotes that we’ve been here and more importantly, that we have contributed something of value to the world, rather than selfishlessly taking from it.


I am cognizant of my guilt in not following through with doing what I am supposed to do, using what I do for a living as a convenient and often all encompassing excuse. In short I have been relegating myself to a prison of sorts and my healing experience in Hawaii has been my liberation.


Looking into the mouth of a live volcano.


Having the ocean water cover me in her salty kisses.



The experience of the wind blowing from the mountains, graciously bringing the gift of slumber has given me new perspective,


giving me a proverbial kick in the pants, with a gentle reminder that if I don’t do what makes me happy and gives me purpose then I am doing myself a grave disservice.



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