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Often we are powered by the voices of recollection, when we are enveloped in the wisdom of such, the silence that ensues can be deafening.

Looking up. Harkening back. Not unlike times past. Into the gaze of wisdom. Once in a Blue Moon omnipotence provides a glimpse of illumination.

I search for venues like this for one simple reason, one that is often overlooked and that I have written endlessly about… Sanity. Being in the midst of solace gives me something that I am unable to get anywhere else, a conduit to an indefatigable supply of sanity. Is sanity a state of being, an […]

In a beautiful world pock-marked with ugliness. Sometimes I feel as if I sit on the banks of sanity… While insanity rushes by, I’m cognizant that one misstep can sweep me headlong into the current. Still there is a solace of sorts in watching the organized confusion cascade by me. Knowing, where I stand and […]