Family ties – A pseudo-poem



Gave me something that I needed.

Leaving me.

Indebted to you.

You are powered by wanton unselfishness.

When it was darkest.

And I kept my afflictions, inadequacies and doubts to myself.

To serve as my purgatory.

Your faith; your unconditional love; your encouragement.

Served as a life perserver that allowed me…

To persevere.

When I threatened…

To break your heart.
To squander your faith.
To bring you shame.

I said can’t…

Your retort was..


You held fast…

To see me rise from the ashes redeemed…

As I savored the sweet substance of redemption you harbored no surprise.

You saw what I didn’t know that I possessed.

That is powerful…

You are beyond measure.

Amazing, unfathomable consequential.

I am nothing without you…




My… Soil.

The sum of all parts, cannot be segmented…

You are…

Momma; Daddy; Brother; Wife; Sister; Cousin; Auntie; Son; Uncle; Grandma; Big Momma; Paw-Paw.

I am you.

You are me.



    1. shunpwrites says:

      Thanks for stopping by JerseyGal.


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