Finding the Glorious Ones – The Twin Pillars

“… bequeathed a love to …”

Dear Momma – Happy Mother’s Day

Momma, The loftiest weight that I’ve born is to be worthy of the mantle. Of being your son. As I stand humbly, cloaked in the realization that I am you. Knowing that I am truly unworthy of what you have given me. Life – this air I breath. And if I fail as a writerContinue reading “Dear Momma – Happy Mother’s Day”

A letter of acknowledgement entitled – Momma & Daddy

Momma, Daddy… Nothing is wrong, but the spirit moved me to say. Thank you… For what? For everything… Often, I wake up in the morning and instead of seeing myself in the mirror, I see the both of you and I am inspired. In retrospect I did notice, but I marveled as you both stoodContinue reading “A letter of acknowledgement entitled – Momma & Daddy”