A reckoning of Appreciation


Are my Mother, still.


My heart fosters plenty of room.

Regardless of genetic constraints, that dictate that you did not bring me into the world.


Matters little.

But, your selflessness supplied me…

With something just as valuable.

An appreciation, recognition of your virtue…

You served as the model, the epitome of it.

You empowered me with your unshakable faith and resolve, giving me a gift of love that I was not worthy of at times.

But I endeavored.

I aspired… To earn the right to be enveloped and cloaked in it.


You fostered and cultivated a gift that words are unable to justify.

You gave life to that would serve to define me.

You are…

The conduit to what fulfills me…

Your daughter…

My wife…

By extension; or osmosis, my son.

And my indebtedness knows no bounds.


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