The things that…

What is it to be said about…

“The things that hold us back”.

I thought about that this morning and it proceeded to litter my thoughts for the next couple or hours as I tried to make sense of it.

Using my own experiences as the reference point, the further I’ve gotten from what was “holding me back” the more I realize what it was preparing me for.

Appreciation is a feeling that comes to mind, but in that same breath there is a begrudging sense of resignation.

Admittedly, I am guilty of harboring an exhaustion of sorts.

It is an exhaustion fueled by the absorption of all of the elbows, uppercuts and body blows that life has saw fit to dispense, but what is the significance?

Yes, I’m weary. I’m punch drunk, but I’m still standing. Be that as it may, I know that this isn’t enough.

Does repetition foster resignation or does it foster a sense of purpose to aspire to do more than just getting by?

I’m inclined to feel that it is the latter, because I’m starting to think it’s all in my head.


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