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Legacy is an operative word and one that is apt to be glossed over. Why? We choose to be blind to the reality of our own mortality – choosing to live life at a leisurely pace instead of being governed by a pressing sense of urgency which would inform us to treat it as the […]

The polysemy of life is overwhelming, but at the very least it is consistently, inconsistent. Our attempts at conquest… The concept that we can tame that which we don’t truly understand is haughtiness at its best. Time is an example. We wear watches, mount clocks and we even have it emblazoned on our smartphones. Ostensibly […]

The word “home” stirs the thick broth of emotions like no other. Home is associated as a place where you feel compelled to let your guard down because it is a place of safety. Regardless of what the news headlines may relay about my hometown, I always feel enveloped in a perpetual state of safety […]