An apology to Universe – The aftermath of Father’s Day

There have been a number of Father’s Day holidays where I have simmered, bitter because of my belief that a narrative had been stolen. There are no shortages of stories, statistics and the like that a growing number of children don’t have a father in their life, but I’m happy to say that I’ve let the bitterness go.

I’d rather find a medium of understanding, rather than harping on the symptoms as harboring animosity is energy that is better utilized elsewhere. I am inclined to acknowledge and understand whatever that might be so that can I move beyond it.


I am grateful that I have the privilege to be a Father, and if those who have opted to check out on what is the most glorious promotion known to man could feel what I and other fathers feel, would they would choose differently?

I pray for understanding not condemnation, but if condemnation does manifest itself, I pray that it is short-lived.

If anything I feel compelled to apologize for the invective that I have put out into the Universe and pray that the hearts of men who aren’t in the lives of their children are turned to them.

Besides, stranger things have happened, right?



  1. I know my father had a huge impact on my life and deserved every single Father’s Day that came his way. Same with my mother and Mother’s Day.
    Great post!


    1. shunpwrites says:

      Thanks Godless. I was thinking that my take towards men who aren’t there for their kids was overly harsh and judgemental… I thought it wise to take a step back.


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