Father and son Epiphanies

“I promised that I …”

The choice: Duty bound or derelict?

Legacy is an operative word and one that is apt to be glossed over. Why? We choose to be blind to the reality of our own mortality – choosing to live life at a leisurely pace instead of being governed by a pressing sense of urgency which would inform us to treat it as theContinue reading “The choice: Duty bound or derelict?”

We’re not getting out – An epiphany

I’ve alluded to it before. Of my faults, shortcomings and contradictions I can say definitely that naiveté might be the most dangerous flaw of the lot. I mentioned in a previous piece about the need for us to float in the sea of our contradictions to ensure that we don’t drown beneath the depths. AContinue reading “We’re not getting out – An epiphany”

Leaving the nest – A reflection

I often make allusions to time being an unharnessed entity that is content with sweeping everything and everyone along with it without their consent. More recently I made an observation that: “you can’t keep track of time, but time is surely keeping track of you.” So when the time came for me to drop myContinue reading “Leaving the nest – A reflection”