What does a writer look like?

This is one of my favorite writers on WP. This really hits home, because I hear this a lot… “Really, you don’t look like one?”

Ask Emersen...

What does a writer look like?

My beloved coworkers think I should look like my Operations counterpart, Miss. H. Older, with big dark owl glasses, wild Earth Momma hair, and a quiet, almost academic demeanor.

Miss. H reminds me (and many others) of a Haight Ashbury hippiešŸ˜„ right down to the mellowness of her voice and her classic black mustang.

I donā€™t look even close to that.

For one thing, Iā€™m an Asian, with an English Lit background that just happened to love all things IT and process oriented.

I do have dark hair, but itā€™s always pulled back in a messy ponytail when I write.

My outfit of choice is usually a black tee shirt or sweater and dark slim fitting jeans, and my awesome beat up Frye boots. I carry my iPad and MacBook in either a dark brown or cadet blue Michael Kors bag.

Iā€™ve also fallenā€¦

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