Embracing gratitude above all else

The Universe is something to be marveled at. Just a couple of hours ago I was on my way home precariously occupied with my mind busy, churning with invective and of slights both real and imagined. I even went a step further, decrying my situation and lusting for a preferable situation to my present. Being the multi-tasking phenomenon that I am, I was able to drive and complain seamlessly.

I’ve grown accustomed to a no traffic 35 minute commute from the office, but this evening was different much to my dismay. I noticed that traffic was uncharacteristically slowing down, taking note of the 3 cars and its occupants on the shoulder of the road, I surmised that this was indicative of an accident, but upon moving closer my stomach lurched.

There was a man, lying prostrate and lifeless on the ground with another man hovering over him furiously performing CPR. A couple feet away to the left  stood a man and woman, the countenance on their faces reeked of grim resignation. I noticed another woman who was a couple of feet away to the right of the distressed man and his would be savior, she stood outside of her car shouting on the phone over the din of the cars driving by.

I stared in stunned silence as my car slowed to a stop. I felt the proverbial thump of guilt, bearing down on me, asking… How dare I complain?

I mouthed a silent prayer and took solace in that which I was in possession of. Realizing that I have my health and an opportunity to capitalize on whatever lies outside of my grasp, while this man wrestles with losing the very thing I’m taking for granted.

My thoughts diverted from my shallow selfishness with an ardent hope that he could be resuscitated. I watched helplessly as those figures grew smaller in my rear view mirror.

It never feels good to be a glutton and seeing the other side of the coin is always revealing, bearing witness to how pronounced my sense of entitlement is (or should I say was) was nothing short of disgusting.

Gratitude is more than a state of mind, it is a gift.
Sometimes we have to cut through the obstacles to get the glory.




  1. Vee says:

    Great post! I actually just started keeping a gratitude journal where I write down all of the things I thank God for each morning. My goal is to focus on becoming more gratitude-oriented instead of allowing truly minor concerns to dominate my day. Thanks for sharing!


    1. shunpwrites says:

      Vee, this stopped me in my tracks. The shame that I felt after being stopped in mid-complaint has started to fade. Fortunately, I realize I need to be better than my “wants” while embracing my “haves”. Thank you for your literary patronage.


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