The calling – A short story

He stood there and ruminated, looking at the shimmering pool of brackish water – truly giving it some thought. Throwing himself in – calling it a wrap. The shadow of morose, defeat – the stench of overall inadequacy was proving to be a formidable foe. Taking note of the people walking along the waterfront, some […]

The spirit told me…

This morning I sat on the edge of the bed and prattled off a laundry list of wants – Topping the list was: ■ $67.2 million dollars ■ A domicile in a tropical location I exhaled deeply and looked towards the ceiling. Making sure to direct my entreaties to the Almighty for acceptance, after a […]

Echoes of silence

Arid plains reek of desolation as winds of life waft an acrid stench of heartbroken failure tinged with insignificance, encumbered by cognizance of opportunities lost – those words, actions cut like swords that imprison like a Bastille. Someone said – I’m having a horrible life… No retort for staying the course – as the silence […]

My declaration to death

Death… You have come into my orbit more than I would like, but I feel compelled to advise you of the not-so obvious. I don’t cry because you’ve won. I don’t cower in the shadow of your perceived power. On the contrary. I cry… I stand weary and burdened because of my selfishness. I say […]

When I spoke truth to myself

“What I do for a living is not what I’m supposed to with my life.” These were the words that dripped from my lips before I took this picture in the waning days of summer. It wasn’t long after that I adopted this as my mantra. It is been nearly 10 years since my serial […]