Introduction: The Square

The most pivotal times of our life are those instances where we come of age, it is that medium when we not only understand WHO we are, but WHY we are. I’ve found that it is often the people who accompany us on that journey that determines if it is a worthwhile journey or not.

Our relationships are the jigsaw puzzle that provides some semblance of clarity that slowly enables us to make sense of it all, our immediate family often provides a foundation that gives us something to build on, but those familial bonds of the neighborhood often go just as deep, sometimes even deeper than the biological ties.

Where I grew up on the Northwest side of Chicago is indicative of this dynamic and over the course of the coming weeks, it is my hope that I can peel back the layers of the onion and give a voice to some of the most cohesive and lasting relationships that I have ever born witness to.


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