The dearth

“… fissures cracked …”

Birthday ruminations on your birthday Momma.

I knew growing up when all else failed, when desolation and abandonment threatened.  I always knew that you would be standing there, indefatigable not unlike the Rock of Gibraltar to infuse me with the ingredients to manifest what I deemed impossible to conceive. In a ugly world where being minimized, broken and stripped bear ofContinue reading “Birthday ruminations on your birthday Momma.”

Those Baptismal ruminations 

​In the seconds prior to taking this picture in the Frederick, Maryland historic district, a cornucopia of thoughts ran through my mind. Those metaphors of baptism. The fear of swimming in – the uncertainty of our steps. Our desire to be cleansed of what would defile us and sweep us away in the proverbial currentContinue reading “Those Baptismal ruminations “

Ruminations on: Ancestors + Family = Power 

I see myself in my family – and I am made powerful.