Question: Where do we go from here?

I write an ongoing column for the Baltimore Examiner where I cover the phenomena of social media. The events that unfolded in the aftermath of the murder of the 2 New York police officers was something that I recently wrote about, not so much for the depravity of the person that pulled the trigger but for the commentary that circulated on the various avenues of social media.

Just when I think that the bottom has been reached, it gets knocked down another notch. I never respond to commentary as I liken myself to a watcher and the belief that shining a light on prideful ignorance only serves to strengthen the ignorant.

Seeing the ugly underbelly of what people will say under the cover of an avatar is something that eats away at the faith that I have in humanity to be better than their lowest common denominator. Rather than opening up necessary lines of dialogue for the purposes of finding common ground, it is far easier to cast blanket dispersions.

Images from my first visit to the King Memorial in 2012.
Images from my first visit to the King Memorial in 2012.

Do you think it is a case of intellectual laziness or an erosion of our humanity?



  1. mandibelle16 says:

    In response to your question I think it’s both laziness and the further erosion of humanity. Many people choose to stay uninformed and not look outside their on narrow beliefs. I think we see this everyday in our lives — in the papers, TV, the Internet, and by association sites of social media. If people can get a way with out going deeper, yet attempt to look credible they will. Not everyone but many people. I think this comes down to a degenerative human nature. I think humanity is already eroded, history proves this, and we continue to think of more and better ways to make humanity worse we will because by human nature we are not good. What makes good people are those who choose to rise above the squalor of humanity and choose to think and educate themselves. To see that there are much greater ideals in this universe then our own.


    1. shunpwrites says:

      Thank you for your insight Mandibelle, hopefully there will be a paradigm shift that sends us in the opposite direction, as all we have at our disposal is hope.

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