Confrontations with self


As I sat here and pondered, I came to terms with something that I’ve often swept under the proverbial rug; my complicity in sabotaging my own success.

Getting out of my own way, is like communism, in that it only works in theory.

Who wants to admit that they are their own worst enemy? Coming to terms with this reality means accepting that we have but a modicum of control on our respective journeys…

Truth be told, I’m inclined to say that “control” is a cruel illusion.

I confess that I am not as transparent with the person that I should give the most unvarnished truth to.


Throughout my life hypocrisy has exerted undue influence over me and it would seem… Like the rest of humanity, that I am powerless to stop it.

The most consistent element of humanity is our consistent inconsistency.

Acknowledging the undue influence that hypocrisy has over us is a phyric victory of sorts.

It cannot be restrained or controlled, as the only option is co-existence.

Acknowledgement takes away a large element of power that invisibility affords it.

The energy expended convincing myself that I’m not complicit with the rest of humanity could be energy used to push myself out of my own way.

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  1. You are not alone, Shun. We’re all guilty of being our own worst enemy. I think that’s why we’re all privileged to have our community around us. Friends and family to help us along the way. To recharge that fire inside us, so we continue on and towards our dreams. And I’m aleays here to offer a push. Push me, if you see me mucking about, please. Thanks for giving me something to consider tonight. Be well.

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    1. shunpwrites says:

      It always comforting to know that Audrey! You’ve spoken truth, as it is our collective communities that serve as that proverbial mirror or that kick in the pants!


      1. Giggle. Yes, indeed. Thanks for being part of my community. ♡

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  2. thefeatheredsleep says:

    You are a real thinker. Such a rare thing.

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    1. shunpwrites says:

      I’m just trying to figure out my place in this world!


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