A letter to my Momma – Mother’s Day musings


I am a writer, but I am not ashamed to bow to the impossibility of encompassing your stature within the feeble confines of words. I considered succumbing to the shadow of failure, before realizing that when it comes to you that…

Words are wholly inconsequential.

I look at you and see the immutable power of love, selflessness and dedication to others.

It is this redemptive force that seems to be missing in a world drowning in its excesses.

This journey of mine has consisted of highs, lows, victories, defeats and the like.


Through it all it has been your countenance that has served as the fodder compelling me to push pass the grain of can’t, don’t, won’t…  I wanted to, but; I never saw you abdicate, being Momma… So how could I do less in any endeavor?

You taught me that the white flag of surrender has no purpose other than wiping the soles of my feet with it.

In you… What I’ve I born witness to throughout my life has been nothing short of divinity.

You wear a crown of infectiousness and accordingly.

You’ve given me something to aspire to.

Thank you for being my lighthouse.

Happy Mother’s Day Momma.

Momma as a metaphor.
Momma as a metaphor.

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