Harboring no illusions

I don’t point the finger of accusatory indignation at those who tread a different path than I.

Fortunately, I don’t hold myself in that high of an esteem – to graduate to a pedestal – truth be told I’m a “hot mess”.

I’ve come to acknowledge my foibles, shortcomings, contradictions and the like as a launching pad that can take me on a more glorious path, provided that I acknowledge – rather than deny their existence.

I don’t extol the superiority of my virtues over that of the other residents of the Planet Earth, but if I’ve come off that way I feel compelled to apologize.

I don’t thump a Bible, but I read it extensively… During my inaugural years of college I took the additional step of reading a number of the Holy Books, in retrospect I admit that I felt conflicted in the process. I thought I was turning my back on the Almighty, but I found myself entranced at the beauty of the language that was woven throughout the texts.

God has been known to chuckle when I’ve questioned the confines of my faith…

I heard a laugh… A whisper of sorts.

“Your doubt doesn’t threaten me.”

“God doesn’t have to shout… When whispering is enough.”

Copyright © 2015 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved.

On the top of Stone Mountain
On the top of Stone Mountain


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