A closed mouth and an open mind

Clarity comes in waves, often we face it with mouths wide open and our minds sealed shut.

Experiencing loss is that proverbial shake that serves to remind us that the time we have is loaned.

I’ve come to a realization, albeit kicking and screaming.

Knowing that I have sold myself short more times that I care to admit and dropped the ball with an embarrassing consistency, I can say that instead of wallowing in defeat, I am choosing to cloak myself in the robes of victory.

Telling myself that these experiences, this station in my life… Are merely steps in a forest of adversity as I head towards my ultimate goal.

Being oblivious to my debt isn’t an option anymore.




  1. candidkay says:

    It is amazing what happens when we learn how to be kind to ourselves. Took me many years. But the miracles still come from it . . . wishing you the same.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. shunpwrites says:

      It is certainly a needed kick in the head Kay!


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