My declaration to death


You have come into my orbit more than I would like, but I feel compelled to advise you of the not-so obvious.

I don’t cry because you’ve won.

I don’t cower in the shadow of your perceived power.

On the contrary.

I cry… I stand weary and burdened because of my selfishness. I say selfish because of my desire to have my loved ones here with me, here in the now.

But… I have something that you cannot wrest from me.

I have love.

That pure elemental power of love.

Love is…

An inexhaustible source of energy, an essential ingredient of my family.

Energy cannot be destroyed, it only changes form.


You’ve attempted to take a cornerstone, but my Auntie is ensconced firmly in the hearts of my family.

Her passing was a graduation of the grandest order.

An ascension… To the rank of ancestor where  she has been welcomed with open arms.


I don’t believe in you anymore.

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