Accepting the upgrade

Aspiring for conquest from the halls of victimhood means being empowered enough to reach for the etheral and see lessons instead of mistakes, redemption instead of regret.

I’ve heard that old adage of “going through the fire to get to the throne” so many times that I have to confess that I developed an immunity to the poignancy of its reality.

When circumstances availed themselves to strip me of every veneer of bravado that seasoned and served me in the past, leaving me…

Stranded in the desert of my shortcomings, being buffeted by the winds of my contradictions.


Realizing that I was searching ardently, but not wholeheartedly and accordingly I was only procuring a fraction of what was for me.

Searching for God’s face has a beginning, but only a fool subscribes to the belief of an ending and I’ve grown weary of playing the fool.

I needed an upgrade, which consisted of an abdication of the illusion, that I have it all figured out.

Because – the greatest weakness is not staying true to lessons imparted by humility.

The further away we move from the humbling confines that once imprisoned us, the greater the threat posed by haughtiness.

It is easier to lust for the useless instead of longing for the consequential.


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