As I wander

“… that will sustain us…”

Yours is for you – A poem of reflection

The path traveled is – My own. Those lessons procured – My own. The strength exerted – My own. The manifestion of that which empowers me – My own. That revelation of grace – My own. Arriving at that place of consequence knowing that it is right those burdens and triumphs that oscillate with aggravatingContinue reading “Yours is for you – A poem of reflection”

The recipe of our lessons

The greatest lessons procured are out of the ashes of humility. I am thankful for situations conceived in the confines of pain and disaffection that become instructive – as it is our trials and tribulations that peel away the proverbial layers of the onion. My recalcitrance has been worn away by the corrosive properties ofContinue reading “The recipe of our lessons”