Ruminations on: Ancestors + Family = Power 

If you are oblivious to your foundation, the shoulders on which you stand.

What does that make you?

A shell?

A traitor?

Or worse?

Being absent of a foundation, leaves one vulnerable to being swept away by the current of “come what may”.

It is my humble contention that…

This is tantamount to leaving the door open for wholesale exploitation – an environment where hatred is known to thrive, where ignorance is weaponized.

And thusly, we find ourselves imbibing in a self-absorbed, me first, selfishness induced culture – wondering how we got here.

I look at my ancestors and my family – and I see myself.

Those faults, foibles, triumphs and strengths that are exhibited in them are what I bask in.

And I often tell my family members with a pride that is absent of reservation:

“I love you, because I am you!”

I say it because it oozes power – and we need to be powerful, more than ever.
Are you powerful or powerless?


Copyright © 2016 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved



  1. A tree without roots won’t grow!

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