Dear Momma – Reflections of you on Mother’s Day

Dear Momma,

In a world that seems intent on cannibalizing itself, I have to confess that I have been persuaded to relinquish the faith that I’ve harbored in humanity.

The travails, the twists and turns of my life have sometimes put me at odds with my faith.

Admittedly, I’ve been left battered, bruised and enveloped in a weariness that has been all encompassing at times.

However, it is the indefatigable love that you are comprised of that has allowed me to be more consequential than whatever has attempted to impede me.


You’ve imbued with me with the inclination to be better and to push further.

Whenever the spirit of defeat hovers, demanding its ransom, I think of you.

I recall the resilience and the belief that you’ve always harbored in me when I had nothing in the tank.

Your faith nourishes me with the wherewithal to get up, rather than laying prone as food for the scavengers.



Words are hollow, but they are often all that I have at my disposal.

I thank you for the gift of life.

I thank you for showing me what selflessness looks like.

I thank you for being the best part or me.

I thank for you for being my Momma.

It is with every fiber of my being that I will continue down the path of aspiring to be worthy of being your son.


Happy Mother’s Day.

All my love,

Shun P.

Copyright © 2017 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved


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  1. None compares to one’s mother.
    Truthful words.

    Liked by 1 person

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