A letter to the women of my Family – on Mother’s Day

To the legion; the parts of the whole; the women of my family; the best part of me.

You mothers and those who mother without any inclination of title.

The shoulders that we stand on echo in the frequency of love.

Our ancestors planted a seed – the elemental force of love.

A love of family which continued to thrive throughout the generations.

A love that pulsates through our veins and defines us – you’ve taught me that love is a conduit to immotality.

Selflessness is your mantra, one that you all wear with a grace worthy of the royalty that is your birthright.

I am appreciative of the honor I have in witnessing you all serve as the compass of our family, standing as a shining definition of Motherhood.

On this day – as well as the 364 other days of the year, I cherish you.

I love you because I am you.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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