Father and son Epiphanies

I remember standing in the hospital room, numb.

My stupor was broken, when the nurse said:

“Mr. Patterson, you can come in…”

I moved as if my limbs were – fused in place, but I eventually I made my way in.

The sounds of the surrounding environment seemed to go right through me.

As I recall the surreal events of that day some of the things that stood out…

I remember the feeling the warmth from the florescent lights on my skin.

The people shuffling around with a sense of purpose was jarring, little did I know, that they would serve as a metaphor for the greatest undertaking of my life.

I was a shell of a being.

Fatherhood has a definition that anyone can comprehend – but until the title is bestowed upon the recipient – the gravity is impossible to quantify.

I also remember my Father chuckling as he told me.

“Son, it isn’t about you anymore.”

I remember holding my son for the first time, he squinted his eyes and contorted his face and for a split second he was silent.

I was convinced that we were having a moment – before he erupted in a ear piercing squeal.

And… The nurse scooped him out of my arms.

In those few minutes, that seemed like an eternity.

I made a commitment, one that I often wonder if I was able to meet.

I promised that I would make sure that you wouldn’t be as good of a man as I was…

I resolved that you would be better than me in every measure.

That I would speak truth to my shortcomings and hypocrisies, exposing them to the light so that the stench could repel and serve as a reminder of me being launching pad for you to be better.

And over 2 decades later, I stand in gratitude that my proclamation has reached the ears of the Almighty.

Any Father worth his mettle should always endeavor to bathe in the eclipse of their sons.

Keep shining.

I am proud.

My faith is redeemed.

You are a better man than your predecessor.

You are making the Earth shake – if you don’t feel it.

Just be still.

Copyright © 2018 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved


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