Grinning gamely – A soliloquy of observation

He congratulated, he didn’t thank.

Why would you extend congratulations

to human beings serving others?

You only say that.

When you –

don’t know how to care.

About anyone, well – anyone other than themselves.


Congratulating themselves while ruminating via hollow pontifications of shallow wins – while grinning gamely.

Guffawing contagiously, gravitating until recumbent to the ground – cognizant of no sound.

Because absorbing the urge toward tyrannical inclinations

is a segue to belated bloviating while –

Grinning gamely



You don’t congratulate.

You are supposed to thank them, roll your sleeves and reciprocate, play your role.

As storm clouds beckon.

Are you laughing or crying out?

Copyright © 2018 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved


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