Choosing to face Medusa

The Medusa of Greek mythology was one of the 3 Gorgon sisters.

Medusa was cursed by a countenance that would turn anyone that gazed upon her into stone.

Perseus, the demigod and son of Zeus was able to slay Medusa by cutting off her head.

Perseus didn’t suffer the ignomimous fate of being turned to stone because he was able to look upon her countenance with the help of a reflective bronze shield that Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom provided him with.

That being said.

There are no shortages of Medusa’s in the present.

Truth be told, we have many of them in our respective orbits.

While others flash across amoled screens and plasma televisons.

The question is this… What will we choose?

Impotence or power?

Lies or truth?

Will we gaze directly upon them or will we use our shield?

Wisdom is that shield.

Buttressing our words with facts will enable the humbled to slay the Medusa’s as they stand perched in their war-like posture

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