Finding the Glorious Ones – The Twin Pillars

When I think of my maternal and paternal Grandmothers a host of emotions descend upon me.

The Twin Pillars
My Grandma and my Bigmama

Reverence, joy, faith, wisdom but most of all love.

These two women, the twin pillars of the respective sides of my family – bequeathed a love to so many people in their orbits and gave life to the 2 people who became my parents.

The parental units of the Author
They had the resolve of their Mothers

It was the fortitude and love for family that my Grandmother’s exhibited that always served to inspire me.

The pedestal that I placed them on – led down a path of tracing my roots – and I discovered that the souls who gifted these 2 glorious women with a perseverance that bordered on the superhuman – were part of a proud collective.

Me as a baby scattering toys
The author as a wee lad scattering toys.

Decades later I would gather the scattered stories of my family and find my people.

End of Part I…

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  1. anaelrich says:

    Wow, they are beautiful….!

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