Birthday Ruminations – for you my son

My son.

We have walked these winding paths together and I have been made better because of it.

We’ve been hitting those winding trails together over the years and I’ve born witness to your power.

You can probably tell this story verbatim – because repetition is critical for histories to take root, but when stories are infused the spirit of love they can never die.

23 years ago.

I sat outside of the delivery room discombobulated – unsure of what was to come and like always when uncertainty beckons – a Family member (in the form of your Grandfather) spoke power into me, cautioning that it wasn’t about me anymore. And… with that, I strode into the room undaunted and bore witness to the event that would be seared into my consciousness forever and serve to guide my steps from that point forward – your arrival into this world.

When they placed you in my arms, I promised to never leave your side – and I swore that you would be a better man than I.

Talk about over-delivering on mandates?

When I say you have met and exceeded any and all expectations that is a cruel understatement.

My son.

I have marveled at the part that I have had in the man that you have become – and you aren’t done yet!

The faith that would have been lost in an ugly world seemingly powered on invective is redeemed, by your presence.


Because I know that you will indelibly change it!

People gravitate towards you because your innate goodness – you come from a proud legacy of healers and manifesters my son – your medium of music will serve to heal the legions of broken souls.

You come from a proud people – I see their power in you!

Always remember to guard your spirit and keep the faith – because our Ancestors will always guide your steps.

If you ever doubt your power, take note of how you changed a bitter, young man (me) who was mad at the world into something that he could have never imagined.

Those winding paths – you taught me the power of selflessness towards something bigger than myself.

On your birthday, I celebrate you and I thank you for the honor of being your Father, I stand humbled that you chose me.

From your original piece “Pretty People” I watched in marvel with the crowd.

Happy Birthday son.



  1. nshami14 says:

    Beautiful tribute. Dug the music too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you sister, he is a bad dude.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. nshami14 says:

        I know he is. Wonderful job.


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