As the Incense Burns… the Podcast origin points and an invite to grab a listen to my diction

Why do I search out the water? That is an omnipresent theme of my work. Maybe it is the duality or the baptismal quality of water that offers the hope that I can drown the ghosts of the past.

As the Incense Burns is a spin off from the Instagram series… this podcast is an effort that many have lobbied for me to start and I’ve simply run out of excuses to employ, so here we are.

Give it a listen (since you are here) go on… do it!

Wishing that my past incarnations, namely the spirits of haughtiness and recalcitrance that impeded my path and retarded my growth had met their end sooner than they did.

But, if they did.

Would I have the path, the reflections, humility and lessons that I saunter back into the confines of – at my disposal?

Knowing that this trail is ongoing – and that the burdens will still belabor me, but being able to press on with a head held high, celestially so.

Is a segue to empowerment.

Because our walks are tantamount to a taste of grace – that small piece of searching for God’s face.

I’m always walking, endeavoring to find that pocket in the madness that is the vitriol of this world – to be still.

This podcast… Is simply a way to peel back the layers to talk about the creative process.

Feel free to throw me in your rotation (I’d be honored)… my cousin Michele said that my voice “is soothing like Morgan Freeman“, damnit…

Is that an endorsement?

I dunno.

You make the call.

I’m also available on these platforms too.

Pick a platform and press play.


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