As the Incense Burns… the Podcast origin points and an invite to grab a listen to my diction

“…. this podcast is a spin off from the Instagram series …”

The make up that we wear

“while ignoring the screams of conflict…”

When naiveté looms

Sleep is a metaphor that walks in tandem with death. Each day we die – only to awake, resurrected to new opportunities. That being said, living life with our eyes open is essential – it is epitome of living. While naiveté is the cold grip, the finality of death. Copyright © 2016 ShunPwrites. All RightsContinue reading “When naiveté looms”

The timeless nature of music & my search for Brazilica

When I was a kid there was an album that my Father would always play on the record player that I resigned myself to being lost to the ages, I wasn’t any older than 4 years old, so it is safe to say that I hadn’t mastered the art of connecting a name to aContinue reading “The timeless nature of music & my search for Brazilica”