About Episode 19 – Impostor Syndrome and the epiphany behind it.

Facing our fears is an unenviable proposition.

Fear is an enemy that every one must do battle with at one time or another.

It was by virtue of walking through a narrow path of birds on New Years Day – that I got the inspiration for Episode 19 of the podcast , it was not unlike walking into our fears.

Take a listen to my humble recollection of the event, seconds after getting to the other side, safely… complements of TikTok.

It is not unlike walking through a flock
of birds.

Walking with baited breath and guarded steps.

Not knowing if or when a mad scramble will ensue.

Episode 46 – What do we love, 2 cents and the creative process As the Incense Burns 🔥

On this episode, I'm thinking out loud about what we honor, what we love, what/who we place on pedestals and how we cheat ourselves out of our humanity by way of choosing ideology over facts. It is against this backdrop that the creative process can serve to redeem, because if we stand by and do nothing… all is lost. Aren't we better than that… or not? #mindset #selfcare #healing #writing — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/shunpwrites/message Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/shunpwrites/support
  1. Episode 46 – What do we love, 2 cents and the creative process
  2. Epiosde 45 – The Confession of Projection
  3. Episode 44 – They say love, but have no grace
  4. Episode 43 – From the Fiction Suite: Church and Ellen's Trail
  5. Episode 42 – Are you cheering for the crew of you?

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