The haughty heart

Years ago
I wielded
a haughty heart and it clouded my vision.

I can’t recognize
the who
in that shell of me –
before the

When I was doing the opposite of what my Bigmama told me:

Me with my Bigmama.

I was worrying about shit that didn’t have anything to do with me.

When she spoke these words I knew them to be true…

When the Almighty
put hands on me
for a grand lesson.

I stood at the water’s edge… asking God for a sign, receiving it due time.

My haughtiness
was a cudgel
used as tool
to show me
the greatest

But love on a higher level – in the form of his angels
in the form
of my family.

Some things repeat (especially in families)
so that we
can give testimony
to their power.

I stand as living proof.
That said.

What is the

water, food, genealogy and prose?

Separate concepts?

Not at all.

Allow me explain.

Water is baptismal we are 60% 💧
Food is fuel for the body.
Family is what defines us (good or bad)
Prose... is food/fuel for the soul & how we put it all together is the journey.

Food, Roots, Praise and Prose
for the soul.

Those ingredients
in that grand recipe
to make the broken

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